Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 2 in Germantown, MD


I am doing great out here. I am actually in Germantown but my area covers from the eastern boundary of my mission to Germantown and Clarksburg.
Map of LDS Washington D.C. North Mission Northwest Section
Google Map of LDS Washington D.C. North Mission Northwest Section
I'm doing alright in my language I am trying to speak, but it is easier to understand. The people say I don't have an accent but there are so many different Hispanics here. I think I am missing about 4 Spanish speaking countries but I've met people from all over with all their accents.

I'm not allowed to drive for at least my first 2 transfers. We have a set of English speaking Elders in our apartment. My bike is the same as it was. It is ride-able but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles on it.

It is snowing today and we aren't allowed to go out and drive today so we've been inside almost all day. We're supposed to have 12 inches. The DC area is great and I am really happy to be here.


It has been a great week in DC. We found some new investigators and are planning to visit with them more and teach them about the gospel. The people here are so loving and are so amazing. They come from all over the world. There are many Salvadorians and Peruvians.

I'm working on pictures but it's hard time is way too short. I have a lot of time to write at night but not a lot of time to email.

This P-day we went to DC  we drove and then rode the metro from the edge of the city into the national mall. We went to the first floor of the Natural history museum and the first floor of the American history museum. I saw the Washington Monument (still being worked on). We went to the Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, MLK Jr., Korea, and WW2 Memorials as well.
Visit Lincoln Memorial Washington DC
Elder Braden Dahl visiting Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on 1/20/2014 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

The area is so pretty and I took 78 pictures. In the American history museum I saw the Star Spangled Banner (no pics allowed) and a sunstone from the Nauvoo Temple (pics allowed).
Elder Braden Dahl visiting American History Museum in Washington D.C. on 1/20/2014 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day).   This is the Nauvoo Temple Sunstone Display at the museum.
I miss you and hope you're doing well.

Elder Dahl
P.S. It's snowing today.

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