Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2 months out 1/27/2014

It has been fine living in the snow. As long as you dress right it's not that bad to go out. Today is actually fairly warm minus the wind chill. I'm glad to hear that you have so many fun things you will be doing this year.

Things have been going great and tomorrow is Zone Conference and we are getting an iPad mini that we get to use. We also will be trained some more and do other things. 

I'm loving the mission and  there is so much to do in the work. Everything has been going great and I am so happy to be up here.
Photo Courtesy Diana Alvarez
I'm trying to upload pics from this computer but we're at the public library and it's not working. It's hard to multitask with everything.

I'm trying to think of what I did this last week but it was kind of hard. We had 4 inches of snow on Tuesday so we weren't allowed to go out so we went tubing outside our apartment. 

One of the Elders in my apartment went home this week due to medical reasons and we have a new roommate now. He is super tall 6'8" but really nice.

We taught some more lessons and met with more members. We went to a member who has this mansion home and ate there but they are in the middle of no where. We went to Poolsville to help our roommates feed some member's horses today and we went to another members home and got free haircuts (It's just a little trimmed).

We have 2 new investigators but are having a hard time getting our investigators to progress. We are working hard but often they don't have time to meet with us and cancel and reschedule appointments.

But we are still working hard and doing our best. I love being out here and it's crazy how much time just flies by.

Elder Braden Dahl

Specialized Training of January's New Arrivals and Trainers
Back row L to R: Elders Palmer, Wang, Lim, Wilcox, Jensen, Redmond, Peterson, Melander                                           Seated on stage L to R: Elders Anderson, Dahl, Collins, Zollinger, Cervantes, Mecham, Smith, Brown                              Back row of Sisters L to R: Sisters Veenker, Kohler, Marambio, Chappell, Croese, Bertholon                                              Front row L to R: Sisters Johnson, Bascom, Cooke, President Cooke, Sister Checketts & Connolly
Learning to Lead a Hymn

Instruction, Discussion and Role-Playing
Lunch, at last!
Scripture Chase in "Preach My Gospel" using one hand from each companion
Finding separated phrases from the First Vision and shooting them in order.
Finding the appropriate rule in the White Handbook
Photos Courtesy President and Sister Cooke

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