Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope all the family has a great 2014. I'm glad to hear that everyone had fun on Christmas. And I hope everyone is still doing well. I am extremely grateful for all the prayers you have said on my behalf. I know Heavenly Father has blessed me because of those prayers.
Happy New Year! Happy 2014! I don't know when I am going to be able to email you next as I will be heading out into the field [Washington DC-North]. It sounds like you are all having lots of fun.

It's crazy to think I'm almost done with my time at the CCM, it feels like yesterday I was with you all running around…in Roseville.

Here in México people were blowing up stuff and shooting fireworks all night, but I did not stay up until midnight, I went to bed as usual at 10:30pm. 
It's cool that you and my oldest brother had the opportunity to sing Handel's "Messiah" and it certainly sounds like you both had fun. I'm also glad everyone is having a nice Winter Break and I hope everyone does well this coming semester.

We didn't go to the temple today; I think it's closed on New Year's Day. All the new districts are going tomorrow so they can go once before it closes.

Yesterday we watched an old devotional from Elder Bednar given at Christmas (and from context clues I'd say 2011, a Christmas where it was Sunday.). About not just having a testimony, but becoming deeply converted unto the Lord so that you will never fall away.

He also spoke on developing the Character of Christ in our lives and gave an amazing example of a woman who called him when he was a Stake President saying there had been an accident. 2 girls in their ward were severely injured and one was dead. He needed to go to the hospital in his city because that is where they were being transported and they needed someone to identify the bodies. One of the girls was this woman's daughter. The woman was on two phones (before cell phones) with a nurse preparing transport. Elder Bednar heard on the other phone that they confirmed the dead girl was the woman's [daughter] and the instant that happened the woman said to Elder Bednar we need to find the other two mothers and tell them what happened and make sure they are alright. When funeral arrangements were being finished, she spoke with President Bednar and said you know it's a closed casket ceremony but the morticians did such a good job with my daughter and I don't want you to remember the terrible image of her at the Hospital where she was disfigured, I want you to have a good memory of her and a better last impression. This women was also the Relief Society President and a sister who did not know about this accident called the woman the day of her daughter's funeral and chewed her out because she had a cold and no one had brought her a meal. So on the way to her daughter's funeral the woman dropped off a meal to that sister. We need to become like Christ and turn out in love and compassion when the natural man would turn inwards and be selfish. Elder Bednar said the perfect example of the ‘natural man’ is the Cookie Monster: "Me want cookie NOW." He wants instant gratification, and when he gets what he wants he takes it in all at once.

Tell KMG in response to the last question on her letter, some of my favorite quotes are (but are not limited to):
"If life was easy, it wouldn't be so hard" ~ Sheri Dew
If likfe were easy, it wouldn't be hard Sheri Dew

"Forget about yourself and get to work"~ words to Gordon B. Hinckley 
from his father, Bryant S. Hinckley.
Forget yourself and go to work Gordon B Hinckley Bryant S Hinckley

"Remember who you are” ~ words to Simba from his father, Mufasa
Remember who you are Simba Mufasa

Mom, I don't have any bedding or pillows with me. Yes there are things I would like when I arrive at DC. Can I have new pajama bottoms because the ones I brought have a giant hole in them and I tried sewing them back together but it only lasted about 3 or 4 days. You can just send one of the many I have in my room. Also a pair of shorts (preferably with pockets) would be nice.

…Confession time, I´m fairly sure I brought the camera cord for my camera but I accidentally thought it was my iPod cord and I turned it into reception for safe keeping and I can only get it this last Friday, so I should be able to send pictures via email as well later on. I have 5 forever stamps,
I have started that project of labeling pictures.

Dad, This week at the CCM has been great. It's crazy to think that by this time next week I will be in Washington D.C., back in the States. The days are about the same, lots of studying the gospel and the language. It's good and I'm reading a lot from Preach My Gospel

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to watch "The Testaments" as our Sunday night movie. Sundays are probably my favorite days at the CCM because they are so fine-tuned to the Gospel and focused on the Savior that you can really feel the Holy Ghost so strong.

The time I've had at the CCM is amazing but I am excited to head out to Washington D.C. this Tuesday.

I had the opportunity to anoint a blessing for one of the Sister Missionaries in our District this week because she was feeling ill. It is always amazing to use the power and authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood. It was also a great reminder to always be prepared and worthy to use your priesthood power. 

Question: Where do you watch the broadcasts-what building? Answer: it's the Gordon B. Hinckley Building
CCM Mexico Gordon B Hinckley Building Auditorium Auditorio
CCM Mexico-Gordon B. Hinckley Auditorium (Auditorio)

CCM Mexico Gordon B Hinckley Building Auditorium Auditorio
CCM Mexico-Gordon B. Hinckley Auditorium (Auditorio)
Parents seated enjoy a show by young students
Question: Where you go to church on Sundays? Answer: in the Seminary Building

CCM Mexico Seminary Chapel / Capilla del Seminario
CCM México-Seminary Chapel (Capilla del Seminario)

CCM Mexico Seminary Chapel Building / Capilla del Seminario
CCM México-Seminary Chapel (Capilla del Seminario)
Casually-dressed Seminary students pictured above
Question: When do you do service like cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping and stuff-do you have a picture?  Answer: service is on Tuesday + no cameras on that day

I hope you and the family are all doing well and have a great 2014. Happy new year. I hope the family enjoys the rest of their break and I hope you all have a great year. It’s nice to hear from the family every week. Love you lots. Sorry I’ve got to go. Hopefully I get to email you soon. Love you.

Elder Braden Dahl

P.S. Our district asked if we are allowed to call home at the airport but since we are leaving in 2014 we will be getting our 2 phone calls this year. So we're not supposed to call at the airport, Sorry :( 

P.S.S. Youngest Brother, that's so cool you know a song on the harmonica now. It's super fun being able to play an instrument. You are so lucky you got to see “Frozen,” that is the prime talk of the CCM. Everyone wants to see that movie right after they get back home. I really liked your note and I love the picture you drew for me. I really miss you too. (written 01/01/2014)


Elder Braden Dahl

Glossary of Terms (by Stacie Dahl (Mom)):
'heading out into the field' - meaning the Mission Field which in Braden's case is Washington D.C.-North (mostly in Maryland)
CCM – Centro de Capacitación Misional México which means Mexico Missionary Training Center (MTC)
Temple Closure - the México City México Temple will be closed for approximately 18 months beginning Monday, January 6, 2014, to accommodate an extensive renovation project. The temple will be rededicated following construction.
Elder Bednar - a similar devotional was given here.
District – typically encompasses four to eight missionaries

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