Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Questions & Answers - Week of 1/14 - 1/20/2014

Questions & Answers between Mom & Elder Braden Dahl
Washington DC Questions:
1. What is your address where you are living today? Can I/we send you stuff?

I don't know and everything has to be sent to 11700 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD
2. What 'area' are you serving in?  We got that you're in Gaithersburg 2nd Ward
Gaithersburg - Spanish
3. What method of transportation are you using?
4. When is the next transfer day…once a month?Feburary (every 6 weeks)
5. What day is Preparation Day? Any fun field trips coming up?
Monday. We're thinking of heading down to DC (we are allowed to go there on Prep days)
6. Do you like your sheets & blankets? Do they fit ok?
Yes the blankets are great and they fit great.
7. Can you send me your bike's serial number please? No response
8. About how many missionaries are in your mission?

I think around 160.

CCM-Mexico Questions:
9. Who is the guy you have arms around each other at the bottom of the stairs at the Mexico Temple? Dark hair, thin, glasses-also in the picture of your district

Elder Ma.......(name withheld for privacy issues)
10. I can't find the email I sent but I also thought I asked…How was "God Be With You" on your Sunday Evening Goodbye as the 6-weeker? Did they sing it in English or Spanish? Did you tear-up even a little?  any other details…
I did not cry or tear up during the song, but it was really nice and the Holy Spirit was there
11. How on earth did you manage from 2:30am leaving the CCM until 10pm at the Washington DC Mission Home?It was rough, I tried to sleep on the plane but that was difficult. I don't remember anything after 10:25 that night until 6:35 when I woke up
12. Tell us about your last few days at the CCM…Saturday/Sunday/Monday
Saturday was normal except we packed a little during our free time. Sunday was normal except we said our goodbyes. Monday was all normal classes, except during study times we packed a lot.

Brother #2,
I'm sorry you weren't/ aren't feeling well. It has not snowed but it does get really cold. There are some small bits of frozen snow on the ground but, snow doesn't really stick on the ground here.

Brother #3,
It is really interesting here. The architecture is very colonial everywhere. There are a lot of stores I've never heard of here. I've spoken to a lot of people in both languages. And many people that speak Spanish no some English, especially the kids. I hope you enjoy your new Primary class too.

(written week of 01/14/2014 to 01/20/2014)

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