Tuesday, January 27, 2015

¡Feliz Navidad!...Written 12-23-2014

Last Monday was a nice day. We went and visited an investigator and were able to do a small service for her and share a short lesson with her. We also went to the home of a less-active family and visited with them and invited them to the branch activity we were having in Saturday.

On Tuesday we were super busy. We had 9 lessons in one day. It was crazy, everyone we wanted to see was home and it was lesson after lesson with our less-active members and some investigators. It was one of the coolest days I've had here so far. It was one of those days that makes you super happy to be a missionary.

Wednesday, my companion and I had exchanges with the Zone leaders. My companion and I had an appointment in the morning with a less-active member that went well. We then came back and began the exchange with the zone leaders. I stayed in my area with one of the Zone Leaders and we went over to lunch at one of our member's home. We taught her less-active daughter and invited her to the branch activity and to church. She said she'd think about it and was more receptive than normal. We then taught our recent baptism the Gospel of Jesus Christ again and had a lot of fun. At 6pm and through the night we had a member come out with us. It went really well. We had 2 lessons with investigators that night that went really well. We also were able to go and visit a less-active member that we normally don't see too often. It was a really good night.

Thursday I went with the east elders to the Visitors' Center to practice for a song we are singing for the Christmas Talent show. It's "Fruitcake", the one I sang in choir a couple years back. I'm still a tenor, most of it's spoken but I already know the few sections we sing. It should be fun to perform again but we're not throwing any ingredients this time. In the evening we were able to visit a less-active man and see how he is doing. He is really hard to visit with because he works a ton and is only available some evenings, not all. It was nice seeing him again and sharing a short message about Christmas with him.

On Friday my companion and I met with one of our investigators and invited them to the branch activity we were having he following day. We also met with a couple less-active members in the afternoon. We were inviting everyone in our area to this activity and really trying to get everyone to come. We also have been finding and inviting all the young single adults in our area to the new young single adult center. We got a list of 24 names of young single adults in our area and we knew less than 10 of them. We've been looking for them, visiting them, and inviting them. It's been an adventure doing his but it's helped us a lot and should be helping the center. In the evening we went to the chapel and helped set up for the Branch Christmas Activity. There were a good amount of members as well and the set up went relatively quickly. 

Saturday we went and checked up on a few other people before the branch activity and do some last minute inviting. The branch activity started at 6 in the evening and the Primary had some activities earlier in the afternoon. The branch activity began and we had 4 investigators and 4 less-active families there. It was super awesome to see them all there. It was a really fun night. The Primary put on a little nativity program for us and we had a really good dinner. 

Sunday there was no Christmas Program it was just a normal Sacrament Meeting for us. It was good and we had an investigator attend church. After church, the Elder's Quorum President made calzones for the missionaries that were super delicious. We had a couple lessons in the evening for a grand total of 32 lessons for the week. It was crazy! It was awesome to be blessed with so much success this week. 

I'm glad that most of the stress of the Holiday Season is already passed. I'm sure it will be super fun to be down with the family for Christmas. I'm sure it will be energetic as always but it should be really enjoyable. I know you'll figure out all the details of calling me. Just plan on at 2pm your time, 5pm my time. I'll let you know if something crazy happens and the time needs to change but we're pretty solid on this end. Just don't let the anticipation kill you.

My companion and I are still trying to enjoy the city. The hard thing now is to find what's left (that's free). Obviously there is a lot to do in D.C.; we just have to keep finding stuff to do.

JS hasn't passed by again since Sunday. I'll keep a look out for the 3 packages. I know the Mission Office is running a really tight shift making sure that no presents get misplaced so sometimes it's harder to get packages quicker. The mission office usually has the postman there 3 times a day dropping things off. I'm sure it's crazy, plus they have to deal with Festival of Lights as well.

Elder Braden Dahl

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