Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! Please put a penny in the old man's hat. Written 12-15-2014

Tuesday was super busy with 7 lessons. We taught an awesome discussion on the Plan of Salvation with one of our investigators. We also went and saw a lot of our less-active members that day. One of them in particular was going through a really hard time and we were able to give him some comfort and give him a blessing as well.

Wednesday was Transfers. Two elders in our district left. We have a new roommate now. When the meeting ended we hurried over to our new baptism’s house to have lunch and teach him some of the new member lessons again. He is still doing really well and it's fun seeing him.

Thursday we went and saw a less-active member that we haven't seen in a while. We shared a nice Christmas message and invited her to come to Festival of Lights. She really wants to go and used to go a lot. She has a daughter that lives in Silver Springs, which is pretty close to the temple. So she thought she could go with her this coming week. We visited a few other less actives throughout the afternoon and had an enjoyable time with them. In the evening we went over to a potential investigator's home that we General Questioned (GQ’d) the week before. She is really interested and super nice. We briefly taught her and have a return appointment this week.

Friday we went and saw a less-active member and had a nice, short visit with her and her son. In the evening, my companion and I taught mutual about seminary attendance. I don't even know why they have a problem because they only have seminary on Wednesday at 7pm. Sorry, I should have more sympathy. Afterward, we played soccer and had a fun time.

Sunday we had a nice sacrament meeting. After sacrament meeting there was a baptism of a kid in the branch and we had a lunch afterwards. We went and visited two less-active families in the evening.

In regards to the call home for Christmas, We have a meeting/party at the Visitors’ Center we are at from around 9am-1pm (6am-10am pacific time). The earliest we will probably call is 2pm your time. Just plan on some time after 2pm, probably around 2pm-5pm. We haven't been given much on the subject of the call yet and my companion needs some details from his family. I'll let you know next week a more precise time. I'll still Skype on my iPad probably at the church building. My Skype name is *** just let me know what user/computer you'll be Skyping off of. 

I normally shop at Safeway (and use dad's phone number for the Safeway card), sometimes we shop at Walmart but it's 21 blocks away. I normally get breakfast stuff and a little bit of lunch and dinner stuff. Normally members give us a good amount of food so we don't have to buy a ton. We normally walk less than a block to Safeway and go in get the few things we want. It is set up almost the same as the one in Roseville. I get my 1-5 things and I pay usually at the self-checkout. Besides groceries, we don't go shopping a ton. Sometimes if we want a specific thing from a store we'll go to Target, Five Below, CVS or wherever but it's now on any regular basis. 

Elder Braden Dahl

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