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Lindsey Sterling, Service & a Day off for 4th of July...Written 6/30/2014

Written 6/30/2014
Tell Aunt Angie congratulations. It's cool to have a new cousin. [Aunt Angie had a baby boy on Monday, June 30th. Its the 16th Winkler grand-baby.]

This week has been really good. Wednesday was transfers and we all went to the Visitors' Center for our transfer meeting. My district didn't have too many changes. We lost one of the sister missionaries from a trio, but the other two sister missionaries our staying. [Mom's note: In other words, there were 3 sisters together and one of the 3 went to another area.] One of my Zone Leaders left and now we have a new zone leader in my district that actually was in my first district, Elder G.

That night my companion and I went back to the Visitors' Center to go to the Lindsey Sterling event with an investigator. Lindsey Sterling played two songs, one at the beginning and the other at the end. She plays really well and it was neat being able to hear her play in person. My companion and I arrived early with our investigators so we were able to sit in the 5th row from the front in the middle, so they had a nice view. For the majority of the event she was talking about her story and what she believes in. She covered several gospel topics and it was cool to listen to her faith and story. It was a really good event and everyone enjoyed it. The Visitors' Center is an amazing place to have in the mission and it is great being able to go there.

Lindsey Stirling Performing at the Washington D.C. Visitors' Center

My companion and I gave a lot of service this last week. We've helped move 3 families, washed a car, picked up an oven, and coordinated getting a bed. We've kept pretty busy, but it has been fun. We also have been teaching several of the members family history and many of them are starting to find a lot of family names. 

I don't have a lot of time to write because today isn't a P-Day. They gave us a small amount of time to write our families today and they moved P-Day to the 4th of July this week. My companion and I are planning on going to a BBQ with some of the other missionaries and then probably head down to D.C.

P.S. I'm going to send the SD card home soon. Also I did get three Nauvoo postcards.

Youngest Brother, It sounds like you are really enjoying your new pet. I'm sure your having lots of fun with Blue now. It also sounds like Dad had a good first experience with the new parakeets in the house. Keep having fun this summer. Enjoy your new parakeet and teach him lots of new tricks.

Elder Braden Dahl

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