Monday, July 28, 2014

Teaching...Written 7/28/2014

Mom, This week has been quite a busy one for me. It was exciting to see all the work that was able to get done this last week and the success that my companion and I were able to have. My companion and I taught a lot of lessons this week and we were blessed to have 5 new investigators in our area.

On Monday we had a great lesson with our progressing investigator with a baptismal date. She was really touched by the holy spirit and said she wanted to start coming to church. Tuesday was mostly taken up by the interviews that we had with President Cooke. However we did have a dinner with a member family and a great lesson afterwards. Also we taught 2 new investigators and got a return appointment with them.

Wednesday we had a super brief lesson with one of our less-active members but the Holy Spirit was there and it was a very good learning opportunity for both of us. We also stopped by our investigating family. They didn't come to church last Sunday so they couldn't meet the requirements of going to church 3 Sundays before being baptized. We taught them the plan of salvation but the father wasn't there so when we tried to extend a new baptismal date, they were pretty apprehensive and declined (for now). We are hoping we can have another lesson with them soon with the father and extend a baptismal date again that they will be more willing to accept. 

This past Thursday my companion and I were looking for some of our potential investigators and we decided to knock one extra door where we found another new investigator. We were able to teach her briefly and she told us she had been praying to find some truth and lint in her life. It was a great miracle to witness. We have a return appointment this coming week. On Friday we tried to visit just about everyone but it seemed no one was ever home. However we did have some little miracles. We went to a less active member's home and they weren't there. I felt instead of following our normal plan to go to this other home, we should check and see if one of our referrals we had that lives close by was home. We biked over there and there was a woman walking down the street. My companion stopped in front of her and asked if she happened to be the person we were looking for. She in fact, was the person we were looking for and she is interested in hearing more. She told us that she gets her new work schedule this Monday (today) and that we can call her tonight to set up an appointment. Also, we decided later in the afternoon to completely change our schedule and go over to the most eastern part of our area on a road we don't normally take. We were biking by when one of the recent converts in the area drove by and flagged us down. He said he was moving from the room he was renting and he had some things he needed help moving and how he had been thinking the entire ride how on earth he could do it alone. It was a great miracle showing how Heavenly Father cares for each of his children even in little circumstances.

Saturday we met a man by his home who has a lot of problems in his life. We had a lesson with him right there in front of his apartment complex and he was really moved by the Holy Spirit and even accepted a baptismal date. He will have a lot of work to do but through Christ all things are possible. This last Sunday. Our progressing investigator came to church with her less-active husband. The ward was great in welcoming them. Our investigator said she loved church and wants to come again this coming week. We also went to Stake Coordination meeting since the stake invited all the missionaries to come instead of normally just one companionship. It was a great meeting and it showed me where we  were succeeding and where and what we need to improve on. In the evening my companion and I had a lesson with an investigator but they cancelled so we met with one of the members in our ward. 

Today we went to a service project with the mission.

We don't have as many meals with members in this area Compared to Germantown but we still have a couple meals every week. I'm getting pretty used to whatever is fed to me. Things don't seem as strange anymore and I'm getting used to the traditional plates of some of the countries people are from. Still not a fan of soups but I'll eat them when I have to. 

Sorry about the photos. I promise I do work a lot but cameras are discouraged during proselyting hours (90% of the time) and you are forbidden to have them in your pocket during proselyting hours. If appropriate you are allowed to take it from your backpack when appropriate but it's really hard on bike using a camera. I usually have my camera out on P-Day and P-Day we usually do something fun or interesting. 

Dad, I hope you had a nice week and that this next week will be fun too. I know you're up I'm Roseville while Mom and the boys are down south for the cousin camp. Hopefully you enjoy a little peace and quiet.

While I was writing it hit me that this Transfer is almost over. I think that nothing can go possible faster that a mission. This coming Wednesday is the Temple Trip and on Saturday we will find out if we are staying or leaving our areas. This Saturday the mission is also going to its yearly Nationals baseball game.

I hope you have a great week and that work isn't too stressful. I love you lots.
Elder Braden Dahl

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