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3 Investigators...written 6/23/2014

Written 6/23/2014
This week has been really good. Missionary work is a lot harder with the World Cup going on (many people do worship it). My companion and I are working hard to make sure we can still keep up and get lessons. We have 3 investigators and we are trying to get them to progress and meet with them more often. We also have a very large pool of referrals and potential investigators we are trying to get into contact with. We have been meeting with many of the area's less-active members and we are starting to see some of them come to church again. We're trying to really get the area moving and progressing. Luckily, we are both staying for this next transfer and hopefully we will start seeing more fruits of our efforts.

Yesterday, my companion and I went to the Visitors' Center for a pianist performance by Raul Sunico, a Filipino classical pianist with 2 of our members. We got there a little late, but we heard him play some amazing pieces. He played some classical pieces from the Philippines, and amazing "Rhapsody in Blue", and (my personal favorite) an encore of The Phantom of the Opera Medley
Raul Sunico playing The Phantom of the Opera Medley
Our members really liked it and it was a great night. If all goes as planned, my companion and I should be going to the Visitors' Center with some of our investigators on Wednesday to see Lindsey Sterling perform. The whole mission is excited for it and it should be really great.  

Dad, I am really enjoying my new area and thankfully, there are no big issues with my bike. It is definitely getting hot here and the summer is sure to be hotter. Almost every house we go to we get offered water so I should be fine. I'm glad you enjoyed your Nauvoo trip and got to see some of the wonderful sights. I'm sure you had lots of fun taking all those pictures, so don't stress yourself out too much with all the editing you like to do. 

This week really good. My companion and I have been really working with the push for Family History work. The ward also put on an activity we helped at. It's great watching the members of the ward begin their family history and then find some additional names that they can bring to the temple. My companion and I have also been working on our FamilySearch skills and we are having a lot of success. I have been generally working on distant cousins and I have over 100 ordinances reserved. At the temple trip this last week I was able to do 2 initiatories and 1 Endowment for some of the names I have found. 

I hope you have a great week!

Elder Braden Dahl

P.S. It's harder to write because I often don't have that much time, I used to be able to download my emails in the morning and write a bit during lunch.

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