Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2nd Week-Letter to youngest brothers

Youngest brother, I am doing great! The CCM is so awesome here. Guess what?  There are parrots here! WILD parrots that like hiding in the palm trees!  We don’t see them a lot but they are cool when we find them.  The parrots also like singing every day really loud. 

CCM Mexico MTC Parrots

My Spanish is really getting better, and I'm learning a lot.

I eat the food here.  They usually have two options every meal and I try to eat some of it. It doesn’t always taste great but it is all right. I really like the waffles we sometimes have for breakfast. 
CCM Mexico MTC Breakfast waffles in the Cafeteria / Comedor

I also really like the Costco pizza that we are served every Tuesday night. MOM and Dad might die but I also like this roll bread with a thin layer of beans and cheese on it that they sometimes serve. We had quesadillas this morning 

CCM Mexico MTC Cafeteria / Comedor

and every meal you can get cereal-pops, fruit loops or frosted flakes. They also have pan dulce or like sweet pastries every meal.
I knew the iPod that I gave you had games and I hope you like them. I really am sad I am going to miss the play you are in in December.  I hope you do super awesome in it and enjoy the Hebrew.  It is really cool knowing two languages.  Learn lots. I hope your poem is going well and I know it will be great. Maybe you can send it to me in an email?

Next youngest brother, I wake up at 6:30 every morning (4:30 your time). A normal day looks kind of like this, but every day is a little different.
7 a.m. we have breakfast
7:30-8:30 is personal study.
8:30-11 we have classes, like language, coaching, gospel fundamentals, or you teach a fake investigator.
11:30-noon we have companion study.
noon-1 is lunch
Then we study language for an hour.
2-3 we have gym time; I usually play beach volleyball.
3-3:30 we change clothes and get ready for the afternoon/evening events.
3:30 we have TALL (online language study [Technology-Assisted Language Learning]) for an hour.
Then we have companionship study from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Then we (my companion and I) have daily planning for half an hour.
Dinner is at 5:30
6:15-9 or 9:15 we have classes (language, progressing investigator, fundamentals, etc.).

You are so lucky to see snow! It is pretty warm down here. I think you would like to try and catch these little white butterflies/moths that are all around down here. It rained a little down here one night, but not very much.  You are so lucky to have an iTouch now.  I do not get to play computer games. I miss you. (written 12/11/2013)

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