Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1st week-My Brothers Would Love...

We are only supposed to use our cameras on P Day and so far I’ve taken about 80 pictures.

I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to go to the CCM. It is a wonderful place. I’ve been marking my English and Spanish scriptures all over the place and feel like by the end of my mission I’ll probably have every scripture in the gospel marked. I’m surviving on the food, not all of it is Spanish for example last night we had Costco pizza. 

For gym time I’ve been playing a lot of volleyball. 
Sorry-Braden is not in this picture
It actually getting hard for me to write in English on these emails because I’ve been trying to only write in Spanish. 

Tell all the boys that I miss them. I’d think my two youngest brothers would love to go exploring around the 96-acre property. There are all kinds of things to do here. 
My oldest brother, if in his soccer mood, might like the full sized soccer field or the other small soccer fields. 
My next oldest brother would like all the Costco pizza we had yesterday and all the other yummy food. 

The water is safe here. It comes from a private well, and all the other water is bottled but it doesn't taste very good. We do have a filtered water bottle to improve taste and just in case. I’ve been trying to work hard and do my best. Adios.
(written 12/4/2013)

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