Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hello...Written 9-8-2015

It always seems to be busy at home. I'm glad everything is going well and that everything is going alright. Dad, congratulations on losing ## pounds already! That is definitely a positive thing. You are in my prayers.

This week has been really nice. My companion and I have been working on contacting our potential investigator pool a lot. We had around 100 at the beginning of the transfer and we are slowly getting into contact with everyone and seeing if they are still interested. We're now down to 60 potential investigators. Unfortunately, most of them have not been interested in hearing more about the gospel. However, we have picked up 2 as new investigators and have found a lost less-active family from our searches. We've also contacted a few that are interested and have set up appointments with them for this week.

Monday evening we went out looking for some of the potentials far out into our area. Most of them no longer live there but we had this really good conversation with this old man out in front of his house. He didn't really want to change but he thanked us for his visit and he said it got his mind really thinking. It was kind of sad to see his worldly perspective. His kids were more of acquaintances to him and they saw him once every blue moon to catch up. It is really amazing to see the importance of families and how the gospel really blesses people.

Wednesday we taught a lady that is pretty familiar with the church. She has family that are members and has been to the visitors' center. She is cool and was interested in learning more. We had a really good lesson with her and we felt the spirit a lot.

Thursday was a fun day. We had a tire on our truck fail while we were on exchanges. I was driving but luckily the tire blew when we were going only about 10 miles per hour in a residential neighborhood. Thankfully, I knew how to change it and it was all fixed with relative ease. We did find a new potential investigator that day and we taught a great lesson to an existing investigator with our ward mission leader.

Saturday one of the assistants came out with my companion and I in the evening for exchanges. We had two really good appointments with a returning member family and one of our really progressing investigators. The investigator is super close to baptism and it's more of scheduling it. She is going back to work since she has been sick with a fever. So hopefully her schedule will work out quickly so she can be baptized soon. She is an awesome lady and it has been so cool working with her.

Church was great on Sunday and we had some investigators at church. We then went to a few members and had some good lessons. We also checked up on one of our progressing investigators who is doing well.

The reason I didn't email on Monday is because we had a ward picnic on Labor Day. It was a great turn out and we got a few referrals from it. We had a lot of fun and we played a lot of games and did a lot of activities. After the activity, my companion and I went out and had dinner with a member and then went and saw one of our investigators.

It has been a busy week but everything has been going well. We are keeping busy and loving every minute of it.

Elder Braden Dahl

Mom: So now that you're in the car do you have the Tiwi system again?
Elder Dahl: Yep. Tiwi is installed on every vehicle in the mission

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