Monday, September 14, 2015

¡dos meses!...Written 9-14-2015

I hope that you are doing well and Dad's feeling better. I hope that you have enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa D at the house.

This week has really been great. Today we hung out at the Stake Center with some elders and played basketball and had a nerf gun war. Things have been busy here and my companion and I have been going hard at the area in the work of the lord.

It seems like everything is going well in the family. Everything seems really crazy over there and is starting to settle down.

Things are going well here. I'm don't have many plans for when I get home/college. However, I'm still planning to live at Grandpa and Grandma's home. I don't really know about anything for college. I know there are a few people heading off to Utah State in the future but I don't have any roommate plans and I feel fine being on my own. I feel like you probably know more of my plans for home than I do. Right now my plans are go home, probably find a job for a bit, go to college, live at grandma and grandpa's home, find another job, study (insert whatever I'm going to major in), use my scholarship.

This week has been really good; my companion and I have been working well in the area. We found some new investigators and are still working with those who are progressing. We are having lots of success in the area. We are getting to know the members here as well as the less-active members.

Thanks for all the great updates and have another great week.

Elder Braden Dahl

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