Friday, May 9, 2014

4-28-2014 Short Letter

I'm glad you had such a great week. I know that life always keeps us busy but it's nice to hear how you are doing. This week has been really good. We had a little miracle where my companion and I had just finished helping with English class and we went over to the "Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ" class to see if our investigator with the baptismal date was there. We poked our heads in and saw him and then were about to leave when a man came out. It was one of our less-active members who we have never been able to get in contact with. He invited us to his house last Saturday and we were able to meet his family and share a spiritual message with them. The entire family came to church on Sunday and we were so excited to see them all at church. Furthermore, he said he wants to come out with us to some of our lessons with our investigators. We were so lucky to be blessed in this instance.

To answer your questions, the boy that was baptized is 8 years old and a child of record. His Grandfather baptized him and the man in the middle putting his arms on him is our Bishop.

His dad could only meet with us once this week because of his work schedule but he still really wants to be baptized and we gave him every time we are available so he can meet with us sometime this week. My companion is in Arlington today I'm with my roommate Elder J. Elder R and my companion are on their “death trip” to the Arlington cemetery-a trip done only twice a year for the departing missionaries in the next six months. You only go once on your mission.

To my 2 youngest brothers,
I hope you have a great week. I've been having fun here in DC. There are a ton of flowers and pink and purple blossoms out right now they are really cool to see. The Primary in my ward finally got split into Junior and Senior Primary. However the Primary is super tiny; they all can still easily fit in the Primary room. A lot of the kids think it's weird. Also the classes here have a lot of the ages grouped together. I think there are around 4 Primary classes in my ward and 2 youth Sunday School classes.

Anyways, how are you both doing? How is school going? I miss you guys.
Elder Braden Dahl

What do you do with your companion who trained you that is now going home? Apparently you throw him over the balcony! (Not really-just horsing around) Elder A going over the balcony, Elder R helping throw him over!

Re-enacting Luke Skywalker and his father?

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