Thursday, May 1, 2014

1st time Confirming-4/21/2014

I'm glad that you liked the pictures of spring I sent. Spring is in full swing here and many trees are starting to get leaves and others are just blossoming. There are tulips and daffodils absolutely everywhere. The red flower is a tulip. Tulips open up and in the morning sun and they come in all colors here. I had no idea that tulips could look like that, but some of them do.

This Sunday we went to the Baptism of one of the children in our ward. My companion and I had been teaching him the lessons because his mother was less-active (when we started teaching him) and has been returning to activity (since then) and his father isn't a member. The child's family lives at the grandparent's house (they are active members) so the grandparents asked that we help him learn about the gospel since he wanted to be baptized. It was a great and spiritual baptism. His Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunt, and a ton of the ward was there. My companion sang a special musical number. His Grandfather baptized him and I confirmed him (he asked me the night before). It was a super amazing experience and a great baptism. His father had sat in on a couple of the lessons with his son and after the Baptism he came up to us and said how proud he was of his son and then he said that he was next. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit can touch the hearts of people and prepare them. It also is amazing how powerful children are in bringing their families to church and the powerful influence they have in their families lives. My companion and I are excited to work with the father and help him progress in the gospel.

Our investigator with a baptismal date was in California for just over a week and because of that we weren't able to meet with him. He doesn't feel as ready as he wants to be but he has such strong desires and is doing so well on his progression of the gospel. His only hold up is cafĂ© (coffee). We are meeting with him today and it probable that he'll move his baptism to the beginning of May instead. I think it's really good of him to realize that maybe he isn't as ready as he needs to be and choose for himself when he is sure he'll be ready. He still has such a great desire to be baptized and wants it no later than the middle of May (about when my companion leaves home with his family). 

Brother #3,
I saw the picture of you in the tent that a friend posted on Facebook. It looked like you had a fun night. I hope that you had a really fun Spring Break. I also hope that you had a great Easter and enjoyed church. I miss you too.
Brother #2,
I'm glad to hear that you had a fun Spring Break. I'm glad that you had fun playing with the neighbor's dogs and I'm glad you enjoyed some movies. Have a fun day going back to school and keep up the amazing work you've been doing.

Brother #4,
I hope you had a fun Spring Break. I also hope that you had a really fun Pascua (Easter). I hope the Easter Bunny left you some good stuff and some candy too. I also hope that you had a fun time at church.

I'm glad to hear that the Easter Program went well. I also glad things at work are running a bit smoother now. I hope you had a great Easter. I have been doing great. This week My companion and I have kept busy. Last P-day we went to down to the Cherry Blossoms. They were beautiful, many of the trees were starting to get their leaves but it was so beautiful down in DC. My companion and I walked down to the Jefferson Memorial and took pictures. We also went to the Freer Art Gallery and saw Ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Islamic art which was really interesting to see. We also went to the Smithsonian Castle and the Modern Art Museum. I still don't understand Modern "art," but it was nice to go and see.

This week has been good. We worked with a lot of less-actives this week and visited with them for a while and shared some spiritual messages with them. It's been a good week and this next week looks like it will be very promising. It's great being out here and I love serving the people here.

I sent mom a ton of photos they aren't the full size but I thought you'd enjoy them.
Elder Braden Dahl

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