Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Lot of Snow (& Shoveling)


I hope you had a great time chaperoning the Musical Theater/Choir tour. From all the pictures and videos you took it looks like you had a ton of fun. I'm sure you liked going back to USC and I'm positive you enjoyed Disneyland and California Adventure. I hope you had a fun trip. I loved seeing all the pictures you posted on Facebook. I hope everything has been going well with work and the family.
Bus #2 - The Fun Bus! Matthew with Alexis, Mason & Aaron
We had a lot of snow on Thursday, this winter is far harsher than most in Maryland. A lot of the snow has melted but we still have a ton of snow everywhere. This week the highs have been in the mid-30s. So not too bad-yes I've officially gone insane.
Snow in Germantown, MD
Yesterday my companion and I were in the musical number for the "Why I Believe" event at the Washington D.C. Temple Visitors’ Center. The number went really well and the event was great. They had some new converts bear their testimonies and then they had a senior couple, Elder and Sister Oaks, speak on why they believed and why we need more senior couple missionaries. Tell Mom not to worry, they recorded it and it should be up sometime in the future.
Elder Dahl and 60+ other Missionaries from the Washington DC North Mission singing "A Marvelous Work" 
A Marvelous Work The Spirit of God Singing Washington DC North Mission Missionaries 

Also, my companion and I might perform in three weeks at the Visitors’ Center. It's not really up to us but there is a Spanish "Night of Music and Inspiration" coming up and they’re going to start assigning that out shortly. So, we'll see if we end up in a musical number.

To My 3 Youngest Brothers,

It looks like you guys had such an awesome time at Disneyland and California Adventure. I liked seeing you guys in all the pictures Dad took. I hope you had a blast there and got to go on all the rides you wanted to. I'm sure you had fun seeing some aunts, uncles and cousins. I'm sure it was fun hanging out with all of them. It also looked like you got some fun souvenirs as well. I liked seeing you guys all in your hats. Brother #3, I love the gloves and sorcerer hat. Brother #4, I love the minion shirt in one of the pictures.
I'm sure you had a super fun time this weekend. I'm sure you all have some more fun memories now. What did you see and what rides did you go on? You guys should tell me all about it and what your favorite parts were.


It sure looks like you guys are having fun at Disneyland and California Adventure from all the pictures Dad has been posting. I'm sure the boys are loving it. I'm also betting they’re liking spending some time with some cousins, aunts, and uncles. Hope you guys loved it.

I hope choir tour was really fun and that you and Dad enjoyed it. I hope there weren't too many hassles to deal with. I hope the little boys behaved well. Hopefully now they'll remember Disneyland and California Adventure.

This Wednesday is transfers. But my companion and I are both staying in Germantown so no big changes there. There are 3 people in our district leaving, so I'll have 2 new Elders and 1 new sister in the district.

This week was slowed down because of the storm that came through. We were not allowed to drive on Thursday or Friday. But we were allowed to go out of the apartment on Friday. We shoveled a ton of snow on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It snowed a ton on Thursday and a little bit on Friday and Saturday.
Snow Germantown, MD
Knee-deep in Snow!

Snow Germantown, MD
What is he doing outside without any gloves!...or a hat!--Must be from California
Things are still going well in Germantown. We're planning on having a movie night on Friday for members and their friends to get some new referrals. We are planning on watching “17 Miracles.

Movie Night...Noche de PelĂ­cula

We went to the temple on Wednesday (2/12/2014) and it was wonderful. They have 60+ new paintings in the temple replacing many old ones. The temple is gigantic and very beautiful. It was a great and beautiful experience.

Snow LDS Washington D.C. Temple Kensington, MD
Washington D.C. Temple in Kensington, the Snow 02-14-2014
We've been working hard and trying to do our best. We've had to spend a lot of time imputing all of our paper records of current and former investigators because we are moving them all to electronic records. It's a lot of time-consuming work. I've really been enjoying this area and I'm glad that I am staying for at least 6 more weeks.


Elder Braden Dahl (written 2/17/2014)

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