Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Times in D.C. ...Written 7/20/2015

Happy Belated Birthday Mom, it certainly sounds like you had a busy birthday but in the end it sounded enjoyable and rewarding. Everything sounds as busy as usual at the Dahl House.

It's been nice in the city again [living in actual Washington D.C.]. Since I'm in another area here I only know the active members here. It been nice in the [Mount Pleasant] branch and its functioning much better than the last time I arrived here. A lot of members were pleasantly surprised when I was at church and its been nice here. It is certainly hot here and the last few days have been in the upper 90s and the humidity has been high. Not much you can do about it just go around and sweat a ton. Drinking water is a high priority.

My new companion is a bundle full of energy. He's a really hard worker. He's a great guy and its been fun so far being companions with him.

English speaking missionaries definitely have a different experience here. It's a very different culture working with Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers. Different issues or concerns, different functionality of the wards. Just different but in the same place.

Things have been nice around here. We went to the Washington D.C. Visitors' Center 4 times this week. We had 2 tours and one teaching appointment plus the "Why I Believe" fireside. It's been crazy getting to and from there from the City but so far so good**. We've been keeping busy this week and we picked up a ton of new investigators. We've also been working on getting members to come out with us and teach at appointments. So far there has been good success in that.

For the "Why I Believe" fireside yesterday, the temple president and matron spoke--President Kent W. Colton and his wife Sister Kathryn Colton. We also had one of the recent coverts in this area speak. It was a really good meeting and there was a really good spirit to it. We were able to have quite a few people from our area come there.

Being back in the City is nice. It's a different area which is taking some getting used to but there are still a lot of people I recognize here. It hard work but I'm up to the challenge. There are always reasons behind everything and though I might not know them all at least I know a few of them why I need to be here.

One of my roommates, Elder T, was born in Sacramento, lived in Tonga for a while because he's Tongan, and then moved to Washington State and my other roommate, Elder H (yep that one-he's been my roommate before) are my roommates. Elder H2 is my companion. 

Today we went to the Library of Congress and to the Museum of American History. At the Library of congress my roommates (Elder T and Elder H) and my companion-Elder H2, got their reading cards there. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the books and the wear on them, they are no longer showing the first edition of the standard works in the rare book section. It was a bummer but I'm glad I saw them when I did. One of the librarians felt sorry for us and showed us something I had no idea about. He went and got the Book of Mormon in Deseret; a language basically made up by the Mormons to make it easier for immigrants instead of English. Apparently, it was supposed to be a permanent language in Utah but just didn't catch on. It was really cool to see and an interesting part of history. The librarian told us that that book was about to be digitized as well but they hadn't gotten to it quite yet. It was a cool thing to see. At the museum of American History we saw the star spangled banner again and other fun things like Count Von Count from Sesame Street.

Elder Braden Dahl
**Braden's apartment in Washington D.C. to the temple in Kensington, MD is about 8 miles but Google Maps says that by car it takes approximately 24 minutes to get there. Do the math, that's 3mph. But Braden does not have a car, he has a bike with his own 2 legs. Who knows how long it takes by bike!

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