Friday, July 24, 2015

Back to my old stomping D.C. (Mount Pleasant East Area)

I hope that you (Mom) and my younger brother start feeling a lot better. I hope you can get over your sickness and enjoy everything.

No worries about transfers, I moved and I'm back in Mount Pleasant. I am now in the Mount Pleasant east area (I used to be in west). It's crazy being back in the branch again especially since it feels like I just left. I would share with you about my new area but it's all about the same, President Ortega, same chapel, same apartment, etc. My companion is Elder H and it's his 3rd transfer in the field. He is from Chicago but recently before his mission moved to North Dakota.

So in Mount Pleasant I'm back on bike and it's been hot and humid out here. We cover most of DC in the East Area (all of the east side of DC and a little bit of the west side). There are 3 companionships in the branch 2 Elders and 1 Sister. The branch seems to being doing well. We have some good investigators here and I've really enjoyed starting to get know them. It's fun being back which was definitely a surprise to me. Not sure what you want to know about here since I was in DC for 7 months already. We had 2 investigators and a less-active member come to church this week which was awesome. We brought one of our investigators to the VC this week and we had a great tour with her. In the end we watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the restoration video which she really enjoyed. I've been working with Elder Haggard to get the area in a bit more order so we can work hard and get everything we need to done.

Tell Matthew I wish him the best of luck for tech week and his eagle project. Both should be great.

Yep. Same place. I just serve in a different area. Same apartment and everything I'm just in the other room

Elder Braden Dahl

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