Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Great Week...& A Short Letter From DC ... Written 4-13-2014

Dad, I hope you had a great week and that all is going well. It has been a great week here. Today My companion and I went down to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival and we took a bunch of photos there. It's super beautiful this year and tons of blossoms. Spring has come in softer this year. The blossoms are a lot whiter this year than last year. It is still super pretty and it was great being here for the blossoms. There were a ton of people with all their huge cameras and gadgets that was fun to see.

Mom, It has been a great week as well and really busy. For the first time in forever, you didn't mention transfers but they are this Wednesday. I am staying in the area but my companion is going to be leaving. It was really great being his companion for a transfer (only 6 weeks) and I hope to have another great transfer with whomever I'm with.

I'm glad that everyone is doing well and that it's been fun with the family coming and going. Tell my oldest brother that I wish him the best of luck on his next performances.

This week has been crazy busy. We were teaching a ton and giving a lot of service helping a member paint and move. We found a few new investigators this week and had a ton of member support. We had a lot of members come out with us and help us reach lessons with investigators and less-active members. It has been an amazing week and an amazing transfer. It's been great working hard and seeing so many amazing things. You never know who is prepared to listen to the gospel. Some people are super prepared.

On Saturday we had a ward activity where we had "a flight to heaven" where we set the room up like the inside of a plane and the plane crashed. Then everyone depending on their ticket went to a kingdom of glory. It was fun and we decorated the rooms appropriately. The activity was great and everyone really enjoyed it.

I hope you have another great week.

Elder Braden Dahl

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