Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hello Transfer Week...Written 3-2-2015

I'm going to go back and forth between my questions to Braden's answers. His letter makes more sense when you know what Mom asked him...

Mom: So did you have church cancelled today? Are you and all you fellow missionaries less actives now?
So church wasn't cancelled yesterday and a lot of people showed up yesterday. It was nice to have church again especially since it was the last Sunday of the Transfer.

Mom: Did you actually get to go to the temple last week or was that a snow day too?We did go to the temple last Wednesday and we haven't been totally locked inside. Yesterday it freeze rained pretty good and we could go out only on foot to appointments. Luckily we had three appointments so we were out most of the day but it was rather slippery when walking. They are trying to have us out as much as possible but this week wasn't nearly as bad as the previous one.

Mom: Can you guys play games like charades, zoo, Sticks, Soduku, checkers, chess, board games, etc.? Sister Cooke should plan the next training on...what to do when you're stuck inside!When we stay inside we can play board games so it's not too bad. Today is actually pretty nice.

Mom: I officially have paid for your new iPad. Its not cheap! And you'll get to keep it. Maybe if I'm lucky it can be the Dahl Family iPad and go around the world with our family's missionaries...but most likely it will just be yours for college I guess.We'll see about the Dahl Family iPad. They claimed at the meeting that they had Apple add additional filters built into the iPad, so it work great. I haven't been on Facebook lately so I haven't seen anything on here but from the way Matthew wrote about [the Gatsby Dance], it sounded like a lot of fun.

It's been a good week here despite the weather. We were able to visit some of people and visit with them. We picked up a former investigator again that called us asking to come to church and visit with us again. It was super cool and ice to see them again. They are very nice and want to learn more again and already know a lot about the gospel. Another investigator was a caretaker of a member family and we had shared messages with him before but he hadn't really payed much attention. We were at this member's home and invited him to listen to our message but he declined. However, later on in our visit he came out again and asked us how we can know which church is true. It was an awesome moment and we were able to teach him about the Restoration of the Gospel and how he can know for himself the truth of all things. He really liked that he can pray to God and receive an answer. We had a lot of awesome lessons and a great opportunities teaching some of our less-actives and investigators.

So I'm pretty sure that you know when transfers are better than I do. Transfers are this Wednesday and everyone finds out where they are going on Wednesday morning. All we know is if we're staying or leaving and I am leaving my current area. So next week you get to see where I end up.
Elder Braden Dahl

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