Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1st week in Silver Spring...Written 3-9-2015

It has been a really crazy but fun week. Tuesday was my last day in DC; My DC companion and I stopped by a few members and investigators homes to visit with them. I said a couple goodbyes but it was a nice day with some great lessons. Especially with one investigator who is just absorbing everything being taught to him.

Wednesday was the Transfer Meeting and we had it at the DC Stake Center instead of the Visitors' Center. Anyways, I have been transferred just out of the Beltway (I-495) in a brand new area called Glenmont Central (even though it covers nothing in Glenmont-it's that we're in the Spanish Glenmont Ward). They just created a third area in the ward and gave us parts of the preexisting Elder and Sister areas. I am with a new companion that was in my district in DC last transfer, Elder M. We are essentially whitewashing the area but luckily we have a little help from the Elders and Sisters that used to cover our area in the middle. It's an adventure starting from ground zero but it's a very promising area. We have a brand new apartment (we just opened it), new area, new companion, everything new. It's been a little difficult getting started and meeting the members and investigators but we're hitting he ground running and doing our best. We were able to meet several members already and set up various appointments with many members (active and less-active). This is a car area (boo) and now I'm trying to remember how to drive again and all the other stuff that comes with driving. My address is in Silver Spring, MD. We are in a large 2 man apartment so no roommates. I don't know everyone in my district (White Oak District) because district meeting was cancelled on Thursday due to the large amount of snow we received. But there is one set of Elders and one set of Sisters who are serving in my ward (Glenmont Ward).

We had to wait a bit to get into our apartment because the mission office lost the keys to it but we eventually got in and we have a set of keys now. We took the Elders car and now they have a small portion of their former area and they're on bike. I'm driving a Subaru Legacy now. 

We have a lot of people in our area and its a pretty good size (not anything compared to Germantown). It covers mostly Montgomery County with a bit of Prince George County. The I-495 is the bottom boundary and the toll 200 is the Northern Boundary. The western boundary is the 193 to arcola rd to kemp mill road and then up the little river. The eastern boundary is the 201 to the 212 to the I-95

We've done some service in the Ward now. We've met a few people and we are enjoying being here. It's a little tough but we enjoy the challenge. Everyone seems pretty nice. On Sunday they changes the ward boundaries. It didn't effect our official area, technically there was an area below us in the former ward boundaries that we unofficially covered the members there. We only met two of those families however so we just passed the rest of the list onto the Silver Spring Ward where they'll now attend. It's going to be a fun transfer.

Elder Braden Dahl

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