Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm not trunky - however I believe Mom is...Written 11-2-2015

This week has been really nice. Things have been going well here and my companion and I have been keeping busy. 

Most of Wednesday was taken up closing a missionary apartment. We were asked, along with a few other companionships, to close out a missionary apartment that wasn't being used. We packed up what was good and threw away the rest. We finished it in good time and worked quickly and had fun with each other. It was a good service. Afterwards, my companion and I visited an investigator and we taught her the plan of salvation due to a recent death in her family. We then extended the invitation to be baptized and she accepted! She should be baptized in the following weeks. It was a great experience and we are very excited for her. 

In the morning on Friday we had the opportunity to have a missionary temple baptism trip where we were able to bring 5 family names and perform their baptism and confirmations vicariously. It was another wonderful experience. Plus, as an added bonus we were able to perform 2 initiatories of those 5 names. 

Again we were blessed to go to the temple on Saturday for a recent convert temple trip. My companion and I brought a recently baptized member and he was able to do baptisms, as well as confirmations for them at the temple for the first time. He was a bit nervous but did really well and he felt the spirit there. We also were able to visit a couple of investigators that day as well. One of them we talked about the blessings of the temple and he really opened up to us which was great.

On Sunday two of the investigators we are currently teaching came to church which was really exciting. One of them came for the first time and she enjoyed the services. For Elders Quorum, my companion and I had to give a spontaneous lesson because the teacher didn't show up but the class still went well and we had a good discussion. 


Elder Braden Dahl
I'm not trunky - but Mom is-she's counting down the days!

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