Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Written 2/2/2015

So I've been reading in the gospels of Mark and Luke this week. I'm enjoying the gospels and the insights they are giving. Some particular passages that I have enjoyed are Mark 9:23-24. When all things are possible through our actions of faith, we need the Lord's help to increase our faith from our person unbeliefs. I also enjoyed Mark 11:25-26. There are a lot of people that trespass or bother us but we need to develop that pure Christlike love toward others and forgive them. It is definitely something that takes time and practice but is definitely possible.

This week we found two new investigators this week who seem pretty good. One is a referral we received from the English Elders. She is an lady from El Salvador but has lived here most of her life. She has member friends and is really interested in learning more. We also found a sister of one of our investigators from Honduras. She is nice and wants to learn more about the church and what we believe.

Our investigators are doing well. Many are progressing now and we are trying to help them continue to progress to baptism. Several of our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon daily and asking questions about what they read. Several are also coming to church now. This Sunday we also got a less-active member and a less-active/recent convert to come to church for the first time in a while.

Well I haven't really been thinking about college at all, but yes I did plan to go to college the following semester I guess that would be spring 2016. Thanks for working on some college stuff for me. I'm sure everything will work out great.

We got into the cathedral for free actually, one of the elders in our apartment had a connection to get us in discounted but when we got there they said just go on in because there wasn't anyone really there. Plus we got a free tour by the guy. I have been to the portrait gallery some weeks ago. I've seen most of the galleries in there. It's actually two museums combined as the portrait gallery and American Art gallery. It's a cool place but there are some sections you should definitely avoid in the gallery but it is cool place to go.

Elder Braden Dahl

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