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Salutations del Distrito...Written 11-24-2014

Written 11-24-2014
I hope that you had a good week. This last Friday we, as a mission went to the White House. Two ID checks, a dog sniff, and a metal detector later we were in the White House. It was cool being able to go in and say that I've been inside now. It's interesting and very pretty inside. It's also cool seeing the grounds from the inside. It was a fun morning and I'm glad that I could go inside. They have all the normal furniture inside and a couple gifts to the White House on display. [Can you find Elder Braden Dahl in the photo below...if not, answer is revealed at the bottom of this post.]
11/21/2014 Washington D.C. North Mission visits the White House

Don't jump the gun on me yet I haven't been out a year till Thursday (but I guess I will be home in less than a year but it's too far out to be thinking about that). I'm glad that you have been having a fun and busy week. Hopefully you are feeling a lot better and that everyone enjoys Thanksgiving Break.

Monday evening my companion and I went over to our Elder's Quorum President's home and visited with him for a while and had a late dinner. He is an awesome guy and he has a pretty heavy load here in the [Mount Pleasant] branch. It was nice being able to visit with him.

Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our investigators that went well. She only had a short amount of time but she appreciated our visit. We also visited with one of our less-active members and invited them to attend the stake conference on Sunday.

Wednesday one of the members called us and said be here in an hour I have an investigator for you. We went over and taught a lady the Restoration. She was interested but is a more reserved towards the church. It was a nice lesson and hopefully we'll see her more often. We met with one of our members and had a nice lesson with him as well. My companion and I went over to a less-active member's home and invited to them to the coming Festival of Lights this December.

Friday we visited a lot of people. We first went over to a less-active's house and invited them to come to church and Festival of Lights. We then went over to our recently baptized member's home and visited with him and his mother. We shared with them a nice message and started all the lessons again. We went by another less-active home and invited them to the Festival of Lights. We also met with a member that is about to go on his mission and visited with him for a while. My companion and I played soccer in the evening for mutual.

Saturday we visited with a less-active older lady and she fell recently and hurt her arm. She was glad we came by to visit and we set up a return appointment this week. We also visited our investigator with a baptismal date and we were planning out some of the logistics of their baptism.

Sunday was Stake conference which was really nice. After the conference we had a member come out with us for he rest of the night. We visited a investigator and a few members and it went really well. I'm the evening we had a great lesson with another of our investigators of the Book of Mormon.

I'm glad to hear you are doing well and I hope you have a great week. I hope that you have a fun week and Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Elder Braden Dahl

Elder Braden Dahl is just to the left of the girl in the green. He is 3rd row.

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