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A lot of teaching & a lot of family history...Written 9-22-2014

Written 9/22/2014
Youngest Brother,
I'm excited that you got your 3DS XL and a Pokemon game. It sounds like you are certainly enjoying it and are doing really well on the game right now. Today I had fun in DC and I went and bought some delicious chocolate at a fun store to enjoy for National White Chocolate Day. I miss you too. Have fun this week.

I wouldn't be thinking of picking me up too soon now but I am starting to figure out all the city. It's funny now when people are asking me for directions and I can show them where to go. I hope that all the fires in California will start to calm down and get under control but by the sounds of it, they are a little ways from that.

Today was another fun P-Day. My companion and I went down to Historic Georgetown and went down some of the cobblestone roads. We also went to Dean and Deluca, a cool little deli, candy, stuff store and got some nice little chocolates. We then headed down to the Capitol Building and took a tour there which was really fun. Yes, we saw the Brigham Young Statue in there. I only found one of the two California Statues in there of Ronald Reagan in the Main Dome. We also went and passed by the Supreme Court Building and went into the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. Afterwards, we went to the American History Museum and saw all the things there. Finally, we stopped by the National Archives and checked out all the important documents there. It was a really fun time down there but it's starting to get a little chilly here now.

This week was a really fun week. On Monday my companion and I taught a Family Hostory lesson to a recent convert in our area. She now has begun to put in her family into By Wednesday she had all of her grandparents in.

Tuesday morning we did some service at a nearby food bank where the missionaries there packed 10,000 lbs of food to be distributed. In the afternoon we had a lesson with 2 of our investigators about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also taught 2 less-active families about enduring to the end.

Wednesday was our transfer meeting. Elder A is now my roommate serving in the area next to us. Also we have a brand new missionary that just came out into the field in our district with his trainer who just came back to the city. Wednesday we were able to have 5 lessons; which was super awesome. We taught 1 investigator about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This investigator is ready for baptism but we have to get permission from his parents and they say we have to wait until April when he turns 12. He is super solid and awesome to hang around. We taught a recent convert and a less-active member about Family History and how to begin using

On Thursday, my companion and I taught three people on Facebook which was super great. Who new that Facebook could be such an awesome tool. We also taught a member about temples and her preparation for entering the temple. My companion and I also went with the Branch President to the old home of a member to pick up some of his personal belongings due to some issues he had. In the evening, my companion and I went to a member's home with the East Elders to a less-active member to celebrate Chile's Independence Day. We are so much food and then some. It was super good but I would not be surprised if each of us ate more than 2,000 calories in just that meal. We had a great discussion on prayer with her and one of her friends from Panama that isn't a member.

Friday we taught another member about Family History. (If you can't tell there is a pattern here.) The mission is really stressing family history and we are more than willing to try and teach everyone here how to start and get going.

Saturday, my companion and I visited a less-active member and shared a short message with her about Faith in Jesus Christ. In the afternoon, we taught our investigator with a baptismal date and we showed her the baptismal font at the chapel and finished practicing the baptismal interview questions with her. It was a great lesson and we are excited to continue to work with her. In the evening we taught another investigator about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is very close to baptism but she said she was already baptized. We then spoke about authority with her and she started to wonder if she was baptized with authority. She said she would study it until our next appointment and come with some questions.

On Sunday we went to "Why I Believe" with 4 of our members and had a great night. My companion and I are teaching a lot out here and really enjoying it. All in all, we are teaching a lot over here always trying to hit the 20 lessons each week. This last week we hit 23 lessons. It can be a little tough but it's fun.

Love, Elder Braden Dahl

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