Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Slip 'n' Slide, Music, 1 Companion Completed His Mission...Written on Labor Day 9/1

Thank you so much for the package you sent me. I got it a couple days ago when JS dropped it off to me. I appreciate everything you got me. I also got the card you all sent me and want to say thank you for that too.

On Monday we went out to a Pupusaría for dinner with a member as their goodbye to Elder H. We then went over and had a lesson with one of our members in our area which was short and sweet.

Tuesday we went to lunch at a member's home and then taught her Family History. She is excited to start her family history and she is hoping for a lot of success. Afterwards, we went over to a investigator's home and continued teaching her the Word of Wisdom and created a plan to help her quit coffee. She was willing to try it out and when she last spoke with us, she was still doing what we asked her to do. We also found a new investigator when we were trying to look for a lost member in the late afternoon. He is a nice guy that recently turned his life completely around. He attends another church but is willing to hear our message and wants to learn more about our church. We have a lesson coming up with him this week and we are excited to teach him.

Wednesday Elder H, Elder C, and I did a lost of lost member work. Our area had a list of 25 lost members that we are now trying to find. We only have 14 people left on our lost member list now. Unfortunately, most don't live there anymore but we did find one member that still lives there. She was busy but we set up an appointment with her and she seemed pretty nice to us.

On Thursday we had our District Meeting at the Visitors' Center and we all received a tour to know all of the exhibits available for us to teach people with. It was very good and I learned how packed the VC is with everything from Preach My Gospel. We also had a great Family History lesson with one of our less-active members and his non-member daughter visited with us for a little as well.

Friday was Elder H's last day.

He was picked up by the Assistants in the early afternoon and Elder C and I were left to take care of the area. It felt like a pretty hard day because we tried to visit everyone and no one answered the door. We also went to our two most bountiful GQing [General Questioning] areas with no one in sight. We felt a little disheartened but we were hopeful for the next day.

Saturday turned around when we had a powerful lesson with one of our investigators. We thought she was a lot farther than she really was but it turned around and we had a powerful lesson on prophets and the restored gospel.

This Sunday was Fast Sunday for us. Elder C and I decided to fast for the investigator that was struggling the night before. She said she had to work Sunday and that she probably wouldn't come to church. However, late into Sacrament Meeting she came in. She normally has to leave for work right after and can't stay for second hour; but today she stayed. Our lesson in Gospel Principles was on Prophets and every doubt she had was covered in class with a scripture supporting it. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for helping us with his work. We also had another great experience in the evening when we visited a member who was going through a hard time and we were able to visit with her for a while and share a nice message with her to help her keep going.

Today was our Zone Activity. We went to a park in Rockville, MD and played Slip n' Slide Kick Ball. It was normal kickball with three innings but you had to go on a slip n' slide from third base to home plate (a beach ball). It was really fun but really hot and humid. It was still very enjoyable and at the end we ate pizza for lunch and went our separate ways.

In regards to music, I can and do listen to my iPod and some CDs I've acquired. Everything you sent on my iPod is beyond ok to listen to. To listen to music on my iPod I have the speaker you sent me with, another small portable speaker, and an AUX cord to plug into my CD player to listen to it as well.

BYU Men's Chorus I only have their Set Apart Album and yes it is very good.

The rule is basically the music we listen to should not hinder the Holy Spirit and it should not take away from our purpose nor be there to distract.

As a note to you here is a list of the music albums I've acquired since my mission began (on my iPod unless otherwise stated)-Disney's Greatest Vol. 1 and 2, Disney/Pixar Greatest Vol. 1, Prince of EgyptSoundtrack (CD), Celtic Women's Emerald, Piano Guys 1 and 2, Lifescape's Reflection on Peace, Debbie West Coon's You are Loved, The Work, Jesus Adrian Romeo's El Aire De Tu Casa, Savior of the World (Church Musical), and all the Church's recordings of the Spanish Hymns (CD-a little painful to listen to-good for practicing parts though). I hope you can find the albums on iTunes if you ever need to reference what I have here. You don't need to freak out and try to make sure I don't have any duplicate songs-I promise it won't bother me or be the end of the world. No need stressing over it.

Ok my requests, if you can find Spanish CDs of anything like Disney Songs, Hymns, EFY music or whatever that would be greatly appreciated because I almost exclusively have songs in English (I have 2 Christian CDs in Spanish). Also I've been looking for some classical as well-orchestra, baroque, dark romantic, modern, movie soundtrack, you name it. I don't need Christmas music I have tons of it.

Thanks for thinking about me and my music. This is by no means something I need you to send me tomorrow. You sent me more than enough in my Birthday package. I don't need to rob you of house and home. It can be a nice surprise or something for Christmas too.

PS yes I got a card and gift from Grandma and Grandpa W. Tell them thank you a ton. I was going to write them a letter but since their leaving so soon I'll probably send them and email soon thanking

Youngest Brother,
Wow you're quite the rich guy now! I'm glad to hear you're saving money right now and working towards one of your goals. Keep up the good work saving your money and don't forget to pay your tithing on it. I promise if you'll pay your tithing Heavenly Father will send you even more blessings than you already have and you'll feel really good.

I hope that you can continue doing good things and be rewarded soon with the things that you want to get. Have a great week and have lots of fun.

Elder Braden Dahl
[Mom's Note: I found out that when Elder H completed his mission, Braden (Elder Dahl) became the senior companion with Elder C as the junior companion.]

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