Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I hope you enjoyed your crazy busy and hectic week. Hopefully things will calm down a bit during spring break. I still recognize everyone in the photos you sent. Lucy looks a lot different but everyone else looks relatively the same. The little boys have a lot longer hair and they look a little bit older now but not by too much.

This week has been busy. My companion and I went to the Visitors' Center 4 times this last week for song practice, 2 for my companion's song, 1 for the choral number we were in, and 1 performance for "Night of Music and Inspiration". It was a good performance and I was glad to see and perform in another "Night of Music and Inspiration." I feel so blessed to have a mission with a temple in its boundaries and on top of that having a Visitors' Center as well for people to come and see. My companion has an interview on Wednesday, so we will both be at the Visitors' Center again this week.

My companion and I were also we able to meet with a lot of our less-active members this week. Most of whom we rarely see, and some of them I had yet to meet since arriving in this area. It was nice being able to visit with them and share a message with them. Our investigator with a baptismal date was in California this week and he should be back today, so we are excited to meet with him again.

I did get your Facebook message and I do hope to receive your package before Easter. It really depends on if the Zone Leaders need to go down to the Mission Office this week or the Assistants come up to a district meeting. If not, I'll get it a little late at Zone Conference. Don't stress out about it, I'll get it and I'm sure it will be great.

Love, Elder Braden Dahl

I hope that you have a great week that's not too stressful. I also hope that you are still doing well. 

I'm still taking lots of pictures here. My companion and I are planning on going to see the Cherry Blossoms today and hopefully I'll be able to take some more good pictures. The Cherry Blossoms hit peak bloom on Thursday so we're hoping that they still are in great condition today.  I've taken 840 pictures as of yesterday. Hopefully Mom isn't having too much photo envy.  I'm trying to appease you guys with a couple photos on p-day or on my temple album on Facebook.


Elder Braden Dahl

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