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Family History! 3-10-2014

Hello my Father,

This week has been fairy good. Almost all the snow has melted now and it was 60 degrees on Saturday. It's really weird now when I think 60 is hot. Tell the boys to try tongue tacos, it sounds a whole lot worse than it actually is, trust me they're actually really tasty.

I've been working on Family History and found both of the Dahl side Great Grandmother's Obituaries so I have made the change. It looks like on Family Search they got combined into one person and then were broken up by someone but not completely edited. Needless to say there is still a lot of family history to be done. It's great work and there is still a ton to do. I found 2 more of Grandma Dahl's ancestors. I found a Mary Davidson and found an indexed Christening record of her with the correct Christening date. It had her father listed but nothing else really. I went through the index project and found 2 other Davidsons; both of the other children were from the same city in Massachusetts (pre-USA), with really no other information except the father's name. On the first child I looked at I found their profile and a William Davidson (the father) but no spouse. On the second child I found the William, a ton of children and 2 wives with a lot more information and I was able to attach Mary to her parents.

Elder Anderson ad I are teaching a brother and sister, they are very busy so we don't get to see them very often. They work and go to school so it's a little hard. The brother isn't as interested as the sister and they're doing alright. One of the former investigators has been coming to church again and expressed his desire to be baptized, so we are hoping to meet with him this week and extend a baptismal date to him. We helped a recent convert stay active, since they were starting to go less active. We've been able to meet with many of our less active members, some of them who were basically do not contact. We've had most of the people we've met come to church, but we're still having problems with them coming to church consistently.  But they are getting a lot better.

Transfers are on April 2nd. I really don't know if either of us will be transferred. Elder Anderson is dying next transfer (aka finishing his mission). So I'm not really sure if he'll leave for one transfer or if I'll leave and he'll get someone here for one transfer. We both might stay, but Elder Anderson is on his 5th transfer (6-week period) here. But at the same time in this mission missionaries are staying in their areas longer to know and work with members better. So I have no clue.

Elder Anderson and I are planning to tour the Capitol sometime this transfer. An English member we know here has a friend that works for one of the congressmen who's offered to get us a special tour of the Capitol, so we hope he can come through with it.

Everything has been going well and I'm loving it out here.

Elder Braden Dahl


Yes, I do like tongue tacos. We went with a Hermano and Hermana to a taco truck and I got 2 care asada tacos and two tongue tacos. I thought I was going to die but I picked up a taco not knowing which one and then ate it, and I repeated that with the second taco. Tongue is actually very good. It has a lot of flavor and brings a lot of flavor out in the things with it. It is a little chewy but still pretty good.

My companion and I actually taught the [family home evening] lesson [on Family History]. But Elder H was next to me when Sister Cooke was taking a picture, so Elder H got the credit on accident. But we did use three of your heart ribbons to "seal" a family together and then we spoke about Family History.

In regards to Family History, my mission is going to be trained on Family History specifically on Family Search, so that we can help others learn to do their own Family History. (Don't worry I already emailed the three grandparents with emails and have received responses from all of them.) Since Family History is part of the Gospel (turning the hearts of the children to their fathers) and not just a program or something nice that the Church has, missionaries can use it as one of the many tools we have to help members and investigators become more deeply converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am in one of the 5 beta tester wards in our mission for the training we are receiving for Family History on Family Search. Family Search has a little bit of a learning curve to know how to do everything and how to do it correctly. There is an open Facebook group with the lessons in a file form so that every missionary can go at their own pace. Family Search is constantly changing and I can think of at least 4 of the 20 lessons that were put up less than a month ago that already have a version 2 and I know there are 3 lessons are currently missing because they are already outdated and need to be updated. We are getting some basic training, similar to that of a Family History Consultant so that we can help the members do their family history and the missionaries can confidently know the program that the church uses and be a help to the members. We aren't changing the mission, just adding a tool to missionary work that is really effective. During our training we are encouraged to spend an hour a day to work on the lessons and to complete them in a timely manner. After we finish all the lessons we wont use that much time that often to review our Family History Training, but we are encouraged to review some of the lessons and check for updates on Family Search occasionally; when we reach that point. For now, every week we have to report on how many Family History training lessons we have completed and how many Family History lessons we have taught to others. It is an excellent part of the gospel and it really gets people excited about their ancestry. Since Family History is the 2nd most popular hobby in the world, it is an easy conversation piece to bring up and isn't as scary to share with others.

I highly recommend that you start working on Family History. I highly recommend that Dad, all 4 of my brothers, and everyone you know start working on a family history. Our lines are not done. I fixed Grandma's mother from her twin’s name to her actual name, combined 2 Uncle LV's and already found 2 more of our ancestors of Family Search in the early-mid 1700s. There is a lot of work to do. I know that it's great to immerse yourself in.

Yesterday my companion and I sang "Un Pobre Forastero" with Elder O at the piano for "Noche de Música e Inspiración". We were the last number and it went really well. It was recorded last night and we'll get a disk of the performance sometime in the future. I think Elder Anderson had someone record it on his camera. I would have had someone record it on my camera but recently my camera has been acting funny and it keeps automatically shutting down and displaying something along the lines of "a camera error was detected, will automatically shutdown, restart E32". So it only stays on for 30 seconds or so. Anyways, I think it went well. Sister Eyring asked us to perform it again next Sunday for "Why I Believe" as the special musical number. So next week we'll be performing it again, but in English.

Elder Braden Dahl (2nd from right) w/ 2 Elders & 2 Ward Members

I've taken some more pictures and looking at your list I believe I have completed 23 of the 69 photos you want (some were already taken and you know have from my old SD card). I'm working on it but photos aren't the forefront of a missionary's purpose but I am trying to work on your list. Let me just say I wish I was in 'ye old times' where if over 500 pictures where sent to a parent of a missionary they would die from how extensive and thorough their collection of photos was. Just so you know on Friday the 7th I had 237 on my SD card that I started using the 23rd of February (that averages just over 18 photos per day). I'm going to start deleting the photos on my iPad that you have and that I've sent the description of to you. Can you tell me which number I left off on; I believe I stopped at 268. But I'm not sure. The purpose of the photos on my iPad is so that I can have a backup of them just incase something happens to the SD card then I still have those photos. My plan is to take pictures download them on my iPad with my SD card to lightning reader. Send the pictures off to you and the description of the photos. Have you confirm that you received both and answer any questions you have on any photos and then delete them from my iPad. I will now start sending the description of the photos with the SD card so when you go through them you can just look at the description while you go. Instead of having to go back and check, like you have to now. I'll delete my older photos on my iPad since their isn't much room on it and that way I can add my current photos onto my iPad and then send off them off to you and not have to worry about them being lost if something were to happen.

Elder Braden Dahl

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